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Democrats make gains for criminal justice reform

The 2017 legislative session saw Tennessee Democrats push a slate of bills to reform Tennessee’s criminal justice system. Tennessee Democrats know the fight is far from over but they are proud of the successes achieved this session when it came to fighting for justice for all Tennesseans.  Continue reading

Democrats to Gov. Haslam: stop fundraising on state property

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Governor Bill Haslam hosted yet another private political fundraiser for a Republican candidate at the Executive Residence on Monday. Following the event for Sen. Marco Rubio, Democrats again raise questions about the legality of Haslam's political fundraising activity on state-owned property. Continue reading

Black caucus to rally support for marijuana decriminalization

MEMPHIS, TN — The Tennessee Black Caucus of State Legislators will hold meetings with Memphis City Council members as well as area press to rally support in favor of marijuana decriminalization. Continue reading

We're having a special session for $60 million on highways, but still no action for $1 billion Insure TN plan

No one expects Insure Tennessee to come up next week. But that doesn’t make it any less bizarre that our legislature would convene to receive $60 million for roads while allowing $60 million for health care to slip away every 24 days. Continue reading

10 Ways to Prevent Gun Violence in Tennessee

Gun violence is a growing problem in Tennessee. As we are shaken repeatedly by mass shootings, we know that there is more to the problem. Accidental shootings, domestic violence, altercations among acquaintances and suicides are part of the problem. Continue reading

Sen. Harris to attend White House convening on gun violence prevention with Vice President Joe Biden

Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris, along with state and local leaders from all 50 states, will join Vice President Joe Biden at the White House Tuesday, May 24 for a convening on gun violence prevention. Continue reading

President Obama announces 'ban the box' rule

Following legislation passed this year by Sen. Sara Kyle to ban the box on state employment applications, President Obama announced today that a proposed rule would do the same for federal job applications. Continue reading

Sen. Sara Kyle an advocate for women, economic justice

The 109th General Assembly reached its final adjournment today, and state Sen. Sara Kyle completed her first term as an advocate for women and economic justice with an ability to pass good legislation. Continue reading

Time is running out for bathroom bill, guns on campus

NASHVILLE – In a statement released this morning, Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris said he is looking forward to a swift end to this year's legislative session: Continue reading

Sen. Harris: We face a choice between jobs and hate

SIGN THE PETITION TO OPPOSE HATE IN THE VOLUNTEER STATE   Tennessee could step up and try for a new PayPal operations center that would bring 400 jobs and is currently up for grabs, or we could just squander the opportunity by passing some more discriminatory legislation like North Carolina, Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris said. Continue reading