Sign your name: I support legislation to reduce gun violence in Tennessee

Tennessee is 9th in the nation for gun deaths.

We are 9th in the nation for accidental shootings.

We are 12th in the nation for suicide by firearm.

Gun deaths have surpassed motor vehicle deaths.

Enough is enough.

We need common sense legislation to reduce gun violence.

We need background checks for every sale.

We need to ensure domestic abusers can't buy guns. 

We will do whatever it takes to end gun violence in Tennessee.

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    Enough is enough. I support legislation to reduce gun violence in Tennessee.
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    sharon smith

    Long past due. I’m a registered Republican. This is not a Democrat/Republican issue.

    We are past due for sensible legislation that can help reduce gun violence now. #enough
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    Just like it says, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I believe that with some intelligent hard work on behalf of our legislators, that laws regarding gun control, could absolutely help with the devastating mass shootings, and just as important, when a 6 year old kills their sibling w/ a loaded gun carelessly left out. It seems that ONLY if some life taking shooting directly happens to family, does it make sense to finally do something . Do it before you are taken to your knees, make us proud TN. Thank you, K
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    Sherry Heater
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    Brenda Green
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    I am a moderate Democrat, raised with guns for both hunting and personal use. I support common sense, comprehensive gun law reform. My father-in-law committed suicide by gun, part of the statistic that makes Tennessee #12 in this kind of death. My father, a veteran with bipolar and PTSD, was unable to do the same, when guns were removed from the home by family, during a suicidal crisis. It would’ve been helpful to have had a streamlined process to de-certify my dad for guns, rather than the tangled mess we ran into. It is ridiculous that military style weaponry continues to be so readily available, to people with no criminal history, but a high number of red flags, mentally and ideologically. In our case, we, as a family, took steps to keep mom and dad safe, by removing guns from their home. Dad lived out the rest of his days, with mental illness and dementia, safe from the specter of self-harm. What happens to the families who know their loved ones are no longer capable of responsible gun ownership, but have few avenues, under the law? Why does someone deemed a risk by the FBI or Homeland Security retain the ability to own and buy automatic weapons, until they break a current law? How can we hold our heads high, as a nation, while other countries view us as ignorant rubes, with our paranoid gun lobby calling the shots, literally? When is enough enough?
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    David Olive
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    Enough is enough. I support legislation to reduce gun violence in Tennessee.
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    Enough is enough. I support legislation to reduce gun violence in Tennessee.
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    Terra Craddock
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    heather gee thomas
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    Katherine F Williams
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