Harris: Let's drop this guns in the Capitol idea for good


Legislators have tried repeatedly to allow guns in the Capitol, but balked at the actual presence of a gun in the House Civil Justice subcommittee Wednesday.

"The other side of the aisle has tried countless times to allow guns here in our state Capitol," Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris said. "On Wednesday, from the dais, a handful of committee members saw an actual AR-15 inside our Capitol, and they were visibly startled and agitated.

"Luckily, this gun was presented in the safest way possible for a presentation, with the assistance of the Tennessee Highway Patrol. It wasn't brought by a criminal or someone with a plan to kill and do harm. But, if we are this rattled by a secure weapon for a demonstration, we should put to bed for good this idea that more guns in the crowded halls of the Capitol would make us safer."

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