Huffington Post: Tennessee legislators pull controversial transgender bathroom bill — again

Democratic Tennessee legislators praised the demise of a Tennessee bill that would have required transgender students to use bathrooms corresponding to their gender assigned at birth.

“High school can be a difficult time for anyone, and transgender students who testified at the legislature said they were already afraid to go to any school restroom,” state Sen. Jeff Yarbro (D) said. “This bill was nothing more than a mean-spirited attack that would have written that fear and discrimination into state law. Its demise is a bright spot in a year that’s been a dark stain on Tennessee’s reputation as a hospitable, welcoming state.”

State Sen. Sara Kyle (D) said she worried that the controversy and rhetoric behind the bill may have “stoked unfounded fears that put lives in danger and falsely equated being transgender with deviance and criminality.” 

“In reality, these are people who need understanding and compassion, not bathroom monitors,” Kyle said.


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