Caucus members in the news

Smithville Review: Obama bans the box

Following legislation passed this year by Sen. Sara Kyle to ban the box on state employment applications, President Obama announced today that a proposed rule would do the same for federal job applications. Continue reading

Knox News: Dogs and skunks top topics in 2016 animal protection report

Senate Democratic Caucus Chairman Jeff Yarbro, Sen. Thelma Harper and Sen. Reginald Tate were named by the Tennessee Voters for Animal Protection as some of the most animal-friendly legislators in the General Assembly. Continue reading

Tennessean: Counseling association cancels conference over therapist law

Senate Democratic Caucus Chairman Jeff Yarbro said that the ACA's decision to pull out of Nashville was the "predictable result of a stupid and mean-spirited law." Continue reading

Fox 13: State Senator says Memphis needs more lead testing

Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris told Fox 13 in Memphis more testing and sampling needs to be done, especially in areas accessible to children. Continue reading

Fox 17: Smyrna Toddler is 9th Child Accidentally Shot in State This Year

In the recent legislative session, State Senator Sara Kyle worked with The Safe Tennessee Project on "MaKayla's Law", a bill that would have held parents responsible if a child under thirteen gained access to their loaded, unsecured gun, fired it, and injured or killed themselves or someone else. Continue reading

KnoxBlogs: ECD promoting GOP on Facebook?

Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris called for an end to using taxpayer funds for political social media posts after a TV station reported on the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development targeting supporters of Tennessee’s top Republican politicians. Continue reading

Tennessean: Haslam allows controversial guns on campus bill to become law

Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris responded to the bill's passage on social media, "Make no mistake, special interest groups and the opinions of a very small minority of Tennesseans drive decisions like this one." Continue reading

Fox 13: State senator calls Memphis' body cam rollout a 'fiasco'

Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris thinks Memphis needs to hit the pause button on its troubled rollout of police body cameras. Continue reading

WREG-Memphis: TNReady halt for some students bolsters concerns for state testing’s impact on teachers

Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris raises concerns about Tennessee's method for teacher evaluations as TnReady testing comes to a halt. Continue reading

Tennessean: Federal judge's order on abortion vote draws mixed review

Senate Democratic Caucus Chairman Jeff Yarbro praises a federal judge’s ruling that requires a recount of Tennessee’s controversial 2014 abortion amendment. Continue reading