Republicans defeat MaKayla's Law, with help from the NRA


Legislation to protect children from irresponsible gun owners was defeated today by Republicans in the House Civil Justice committee.

"A child dies in Tennessee just about every month because a gun owner was irresponsible and left a gun loaded and accessible to a child," state Sen. Sara Kyle said. "If the General Assembly doesn't want to pass MaKayla's Law, then they should at least offer an alternative, anything to address the growing list of Tennessee children lost to gun violence."

MaKayla's Law would have made it a Class C felony to recklessly leave a firearm loaded and accessible to a child, if that results in the death of that child or another person. It was defeated today in the House Civil Justice committee by a party line 2-7 vote.

"MaKayla's Law had the support of responsible gun owners, the Tennessee chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and district attorneys," state Rep. Sherry Jones said. "But it also had the fierce opposition of the NRA. That's all it takes around here to defeat good legislation. Meanwhile, we will continue to lose children to preventable gun violence."

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