Sen. Harris: Let's fully fund schools before we cut taxes on stock dividends


Sept. 23, 2015

Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris released the following statement on a Republican proposal to cut taxes on stock dividends for the wealthiest Tennesseans:

“School systems across the state have waited, waited and waited for full funding,” Sen. Harris said in The Commercial Appeal. “Now they’re supposed to wait a little longer so we can give a tax cut to a small number of Tennessee families, when many of them are already wealthy. Some might call this the ‘Wait a Little Longer’ bill. Let’s try to do something bigger, more transformative, that benefits all of us, during this time of budget surpluses.”

A recent analysis by the non-partisan Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy found that the average cut for the top 1% of Tennesseans would be $4,153, while the vast majority would see a cut of less than $15.

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  • commented 2015-11-16 13:48:53 -0600
    Great!!!but what about veterans who are not receive vocational rehabilitation benefits specifically education benefits,in Clarksville. They are being told (or highly encouraged to work front desk jobs and because they have achieved a AA in a certain field they are not allowing veterans back into the program who still have time on the books to be completed out of the program. Many of us have ptsd and depression and physical issues. The testing given initially to determine if a veteran will be able to work in a certain job does not predict the challenges faced once the veteran begins the work. Please assist us in this matter it is unfair .