Sen. Harris to attend White House convening on gun violence prevention with Vice President Joe Biden

Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris, along with state and local leaders from all 50 states, will join Vice President Joe Biden at the White House Tuesday, May 24 for a convening on gun violence prevention.

"Whether it's violent crime or accidental shootings, gun violence is an increasing and troubling problem in communities across Tennessee," Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris said. "I am eager to meet with leaders from across the country who acknowledge the problem and are willing to confront it with real solutions."

Today in Memphis, The Commercial Appeal's front page reports that there were three homicides by gun in an eight-hour span. Earlier this month, a 2-year-old girl in Smyrna, Tenn. became the ninth toddler to be accidentally shot in Tennessee this year.

Sen. Harris has been a leader in gun violence prevention efforts in Tennessee, convening a panel of experts to discuss the dangers of Tennessee's guns in parks law that forces cities and counties to allow guns in large, ticketed events. Sen. Harris proposed legislation this year to exclude large events from the guns in parks law, as well as legislation to establish a gun violence restraining order based on successful efforts in other states to temporarily remove guns from households where a judge finds a gun owner presents an imminent threat.

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