Tennessean: Haslam allows controversial guns on campus bill to become law

Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris responded to the bill's passage on social media, "Make no mistake, special interest groups and the opinions of a very small minority of Tennesseans drive decisions like this one."

Senator Harris surveyed 1,700 university faculty members, many who criticized the measure, before the legislation was approved in the Senate.

The legislation means all 11,527 full-time employees at the University of Tennessee and 15,985 employees in the Tennessee Board of Regents system, which oversees 46 institutions across the state, could carry a weapon college property, including inside classrooms and lecture halls.

MORE: http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/politics/2016/05/02/haslam-allows-controversial-guns-campus-bill-become-law/83840860/

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