Time is running out for bathroom bill, guns on campus


NASHVILLE – In a statement released this morning, Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris said he is looking forward to a swift end to this year's legislative session:

"As we near final adjournment for the year, with very harmful legislation still outstanding, I think we should be in a rush. The sooner we adjourn, the better. If time runs out, we won’t be able to consider some of the most controversial pieces of legislation this year.

"I hope time runs out on the bathroom bill, which could cost our state billions in lost revenue and federal education funding. I hope time runs out on the guns on campus bill, which law enforcement experts tell us could make campuses less safe. I hope time runs and we are not able to turn our attention to possibly another attempt to bring guns into the Capitol. And I’m hoping time runs out before we try to cut unemployment benefits for pregnant women.

"Let's go home now. ASAP."

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